Created by Tiznull on October 3, 2006 and can be downloaded at 

Yeah this is a simple site, but this module is tiny and Sourceforge handles the rest! So happy migration!

This is the general help for this tool. There are a few steps to use this atmail2postfix. One is that you need
a list of unencrypted passwords that you want to install (or Atmail). Two, you need to have a working
POSTFIX WITH MYSQL support setup.

* An important note, I know that I called this project, ATMAIL-2-POSTFIXADMIN, but really you can migrate from
any database to POSTFIXADMIN using this script. So its real limitations are what you have set POSTFIXADMIN
to use and what your skill level is in creating the SQL statement.

-- REQUIREMENTS (I work with FreeBSD so all of these items were easily installed through the ports):
- You are using Postfix 2.0 or higher - With MYSQL ENABLED. (Recommended Latest Stable,
- You are using Apache 1.3.27 or higher. (Recommended Apache 2.0,
- You are using PHP 4.1 or higher. (Recommended Latest Stable,
- You are using MySQL 3.23 or higher. (Recommended 5.0,
- And the most important dependecy! Postfixadmin 

This script is a standalone page that does not need to be installed. As long as you have the rigths to
connect to POSTFIXADMIN and the rights to READ from the database that you want to copy form then you
can use this script on ANY system that uses PHP.

If you use the CLI make sure to #!/usr/local/bin/php on line 1, or alternatively, you can do
%> /usr/local/bin/php /path/to/this/script/atmail2postfix.php -v

Finally, you need to set the PHP defined constant variables below. If you are using ATMAIL TO POSTFIXADMIN
then you can just set the username and password and the rest should work great.

You can officially use this page from a website like http://localhost/atmail2postfix.php
but I really recommend to use it from the command line, it is wriiten much cleaner in that fashion and
prevents timeout issues, etc... related to running LONG, heavy scripts on a webserver.

./atmail2postfix.php [-h] [-v,-d] [-q]
    -h            Help, Which Shows this text
    -v            Verbose - Shows each insert, and the summary
    -d            Debug mode, show the actions, but do not post!
                  This forces Verbose mode.
    -q            Quiet mode, which just kills the summary

-- FAQ:
[Average transfer time]
On a dual xeon, I transferred about 600 accounts per minute.

[Why atmail 2 postfix]
To start Atmail is $4,000+ dollars and postfix is free. But, I plan to take this script further and
privide CSV imports, etc...

[Does it encrypt the passwords?]
That is my I used POSTFIXADMIN, the encrytion mech is pretty crazy. Plus, I really recommend that you
use POSTFIXADMIN; it will really making managing your email a lot easier in life.

[Do I have to use POSTFIXADMIN?]
For now yes, but in the future I will just add their includes to this install.

[Is this version stable?]
See the release notes on

- CSV import to postfix (with variable driven [--TODO:]
- CSV import to postfix (with variable driven [-- TODO:]
- CSV import to postfix (with variable driven [-- TODO:]
- CSV import to postfix (with variable driven See the release notes on

-- TODO:]
- CSV imporSee the release notes on

-- TODO:
- CSV import to postfix (with variable driven delimeter)
- Remove POSTFIXADMIN dependecy
- Any to POSTFIX (starting with Any to POSTFIX_WITH_MYSQL)
- PostgresQL Support
- MS Exchange to postfixadmin! Yeah!
- Suggestions?